Dear Valued Customers,

Please kindly find below schedule of Inspection fees for Roadworthiness Inspections and Certificate of Conformity for Kenya. Prices quoted for COR are per vehicle subject to the terms and conditions of PVOC guidelines and requests of inspections to QISJ. This is to be effective immediately. If there is a need for further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact your local QISJ offices.

1.Certificate of Roadworthiness (COR)
     【Country】        【Inspection Fee *】
      Japan           110 USD (Taxable) + 45 USD (Non-Taxable)
      United Kingdom       225 USD
      United Arab Emirates    192 USD
      Thailand          250 USD
      South Africa        225 USD

2.Certificate of Conformity (COC)
     Mobile Equipment and Used spare parts
     COC Fee* = 0.5% of the FOB Value
            with a min of USD 265 and max USD 2700 per unit or consignment submitted for inspection.
* Local currencies for each country shall be applied based on current market exchange rates and country local tax rates apply.