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Motor vehicle inspection

Our goal is to ensure that each vehicle is inspected to the highest standards under the guidance of professional management. In order to meet this goal,
1) We employ qualified and highly trained inspectors
2) We provide refresher courses to all our inspectors to ensure high inspection standards are maintained.
3) Each inspection centre has a dedicated manager and a quality controller
Deploy state-of-the-art inspection tools at our centre. This enhances efficiency as well as accuracy.

In particular, we provide expert Vehicle inspection services in the following areas:

  • Pre-purchase Inspection and Verification of Motor Vehicles
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection
  • Bio-security inspection and decontamination
  • Documentation verification and authentication
  • Radiation Inspection
  • Vehicle History check
  • Structural Inspection
  • Odometer Inspection
  • Vehicle appraisal inspection
  • Vehicle model year verification
  • Comprehensive line Inspection Service
  • Pre-Auction Inspection

Pre-purchase Inspection and Verification of Motor Vehicles

This inspection is usually requested by importers before they buy vehicles from exporters. QISJ visits exporter’s yards or parking lots after mutual understanding between them and informs interested party accordingly. In the physical inspection, QISJ inspects the following components:

  • External Inspection.
  • Internal Inspection.
  • Electrical Wiring, Equipment and Lighting System Inspection.
  • Mechanical Inspection without Line.
  • Vehicle Structure Inspection.
  • Environmental Inspection including Radiation Check.

Our pre-purchase inspection offers various advantages to our customers:

  • Identifies whether Export Company is genuine.
  • Identifies whether Vehicle exists or does not exist.
  • On the basis of QISJ inspection customer obtains complete information about the vehicle and make decision accordingly

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Increasingly, many countries have set roadworthiness standards that all vehicles must meet before the vehicle is imported into the country. For example, all vehicles exported to Kenya must meet the strict Kenya Bureau of Standards KEBS:1515:2000.

As a result of our high standards of inspection, we are approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) to offer our pre-shipment inspection services to vehicles exported to Kenya. We are also approved by the Tanzania bureau of standards (TBS) to provide inspection services for vehicles bound to Tanzania.

Our teams of inspectors are trained to inspect vehicles according to various standards. Although many vehicle inspection standards have similar criteria, all our inspectors are required to pass an internal practical test to ensure that they are conversant with the particular standards. We have teams of inspectors to check against the following standards:

  • Kenya standards (KEBS:1515:2000)
  • Tanzania standards (TBS:698:2012)
  • Japanese Vehicle Inspection program (Heisei 22 1 Gatsu)
  • U.K standards (VOSA)

Bio-security inspection and decontamination

Vehicles can become carriers of insects or pests and thus pose bio-security and quarantine risks. Particularly, this risk becomes significant when vehicles are used in farms or agricultural sectors. Our decontamination procedure uses tested cleaning agents and pesticides to decontaminate the vehicles.

Documentation verification and authentication

Vehicle documents such as logbooks, service history, export certificates, are checked for authenticity and all the data in the document is verified. Most documents have security features and our staff, who handle these documents on a daily basis, are trained to identify whether a document is authentic (and passes the security checks).

The minimum set of data which is verified includes year of manufacture, date of first registration, make and model, chassis number. We use various sources to verify the vehicle’s data. For example, we use the Automobile Inspection Registration Information Service (AIRIS) for vehicles exported from Japan, Dubai, and we use the DVLA database for vehicles exported from the UK. For other countries we work with manufacturer approved dealers who have access to vehicle particulars database.

Radiation Inspection

All vehicles exported from Japan are subject to radiation/radioactive inspection. The customer is provided with an inspection report that indicates the level of contamination. The vehicle will fail if the level of contamination is above the safety level.

Vehicle History check

Our systems have access to data which details all changes recorded on the vehicle. This data includes recorded mileage history, whether the vehicle has previously been involved in an accident and is an insurance write-off, previous owners, whether the vehicle is on finance.

Structural Inspection

Our qualified inspectors have the knowledge of the vehicle construction and vehicle body components. The structural inspection will examine the vehicle structure for any fracture, damage or corrosion.

Odometer Inspection

Our qualified inspectors have the knowledge of the vehicle construction and vehicle body components. The structural inspection will examine the vehicle structure for any fracture, damage or corrosion.

Vehicle appraisal inspection

Our inspectors carry out vehicle inspections using logical methods and using appropriate tools and equipment. Prior to inspection, a search on the vehicle’s history is performed and inspection process verifies whether the vehicle data matches the condition of the vehicle.

Vehicle model year verification

Additional checks are performed to ensure that the vehicle’s date of manufacture is matches the one declared on the vehicle’s documentation. In some cases, the year of manufacturer on the official vehicle documentation is not accurate. For example, a vehicle manufactured in 2007 but assembled in 2008 will read as 2008 (rather than 2007) in the manufacture documentation. This case occurs mostly in countries where vehicles are assembled.

Pre-Auction Inspection

QISJ provides pre-auction inspection of vehicles prior to auction companies as well as to bidders (local buyers, importers, exporters). Auction companies may need to verify the condition of the vehicle in order to publish more accurate information on the vehicle.

Comprehensive line Inspection Service

We offer our customers with a line inspection service where a comprehensive vehicle inspection is performed. This service is most commonly requested by local customers for various reasons:
1) Customer finds out whether there are any problems with the vehicle prior to sell, prior to travel, or prior to periodic inspections (such as Shaken in Japan and MOT in the UK).
2) If there is no problem with the vehicle inspected the customer can register it locally.
3) The customer will know the faults prior to visiting a garage and it will be unlikely that they are overcharged.
4) The customer can sell/export the vehicle with confidence that the vehicle is roadworthy.

In our comprehensive inspection we perform over 150 checks within the following categories. Please note that this is not a comprehensive check list. Some vehicles may require additional checks and some checks may not apply to all vehicles.

  • Visual/body Inspection
  • Mechanical and Environmental Inspection
  • Document Verification
  • Electrical System
  • Safety Inspection

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