Technical Verification of Conformity to Standards
Consumer Goods Inspection, Testing solutions, certification, and factory audit
QISJ conducts PVoC inspections

Ensure the quality and compliance of your products as well as the reliability and sustainability of your supply chain with our testing, inspection, certification, and factory audit services.

Inspection Services

Our inspection services help you verify the quality and quantity of your products or commodities at every stage of the supply chain.

QISJ experienced inspectors can help you ensure contractual conformity for a comprehensive range of commodities and goods, including agricultural products, industrial products and consumer products.

We work where trade takes place and immerse ourselves in local rules and regulations, so that we can respond swiftly and expertly to verify the quality, quantity, nature, and condition of your goods.

Typically, inspections occur when goods are loaded or discharged during transit, but we also perform bespoke inspection services, right along the supply chain. Minimizing risk while maximizing value for our clients.

These services occur at every step of the production, trade and transformation processes and include sampling, sample preparation and sealing, loading and discharge supervision, vessel hatch and hold inspection, supervision of weighing & tally control, and draft surveys.

Consumer Goods Inspection

QISJ’s network of experts ensure that your products conform to your specifications and any relevant standards for a wide range of consumer goods, including softlines, hardlines, electrical and electronic products.

We help you guarantee that the quantity, specifications, measurements, materials, and visual appearance of your product complies with your order. We also verify that packaging, labelling, instructions, and markings are in accordance with mandatory standards, and that your supplier operates to contractual requirements.

Our scope of services include: QISJ offers different inspection services depending on the stage of production and packaging.

  1. Initial Production Check (IPC) - IPC is carried out when the production is at the stage of 5-10% finished. This is to give you an overview understanding about the quality, avoid the producing risks that come to large quantity unqualified products, solve the found quality problems timely before the massive production starts.
  2. During Production Inspection (DUPRO) - DUPRO is performed at the stage of 30%- 50% goods finished and packed into export cartons. Quality problems may happen during the massive production. Hence, an inspection at this stage can timely keep you updated whether the products are consistent with your approved sample and requirements, ensuring the mass production delivery on time, so as to reduce the risks of possible delay shipment.
  3. Final Random Inspection (FRI) – FRI is an on-site Final Product Inspection at the stage of 100% completed production and products need to be at least 80% packed into export cartons. It helps to know the product’s compliance with the specifications (PO, style, measurements, labeling & markings, functionality, safety and regulatory requirements, etc). Final Random Inspection helps you to:
    • Ensure that your order was filled successfully, before it’s dispatched
    • Rest assured that the supplier has met all agreed-upon specifications
    • Reduce in import risk
    • Protect brand image and reputation
    • Refuse defective shipment
    • Avoid unexpected costs and delays or returns
    • Save time and secure your business
    • Facilitate rework easily at manufacturing facility (if required)
  4. Cargo Container Loading Supervision (L/S) - Improper handling of your goods can cause damage, delays and costs. QISJ’s Container Loading Supervision (L/S) service is offered to make sure that your products are handled properly and securely loaded into container before shipment.
  5. Sampling Drawing (S/D)– In order to ensure you get what you asked for, it is important to know exactly where your production samples come from. Blindly trusting and approving the samples that the factory sent to you can be risky since the final product may not reflect actual production. Sampling Drawing Service (S/D) is performed to ensure that the samples are picked randomly from mass production to avoid the pre-arranged by the factories.

Verification of Conformity

Our verification of conformity service helps ensure that shipments conform to local importing standards in order to be cleared at destination.

QISJ runs a series of verification of conformity programmes. Each is designed to ensure that the quality and safety regulations of an importing country are met, thereby protecting consumers and the environment while at the same time building a business’s reputation.

Our commitment to the clients is clear. We handled Certificate of Conformity (COC) as quickly as possible to guarantee the quality and safety of the shipment and ensure its smooth clearance through customs.

We assess conformity before a shipment sets sail, from diligent verification of documentation and sample collection for laboratory analysis to physical inspections of goods.

Our teams are on the ground, ready and able to guide a client through local procedures, quickly, accurately and with maximum efficiency.

Once conformity is established, we issue the Certificate of Conformity mandated by the government of the importing country. This certificate prevents the shipment from being rejected and allows importers to clear their goods.


Our programmes provide numerous advantages for both Governments as well as exporters and importers.

For Governments, we help to:

  • Eliminate customs bottlenecks in importing country
  • Reduce storage issues at ports
  • Guarantee all imported products are compliant with international and local standards
  • Reinforce consumer safety
  • Build local customs competencies through training and capacity building programmes
  • Ensure conformity with WTO Technical Barriers to Trade agreement

For Exporters / Importers, we help to:

  • Provide faster customs clearance
  • Reduce need for local laboratory analysis or additional testing
  • Offer better consumer protection against dangerous, substandard or counterfeit products
  • Protect local industry from unfair competition due to poor quality imports

Testing solution

Laboratory testing solutions designing for your products, Third-party product testing is a quality control (QC) process that allows for an independent company (a third party) to test for any and all product quality and safety issues that may pose a risk of harm to the public. Third party testing also seeks to verify that the product complies with the mandates of all relevant regulatory agencies.

QISJ assist you on testing your products against specifications, protocols, and the standards of these programs to meet your needs when exporting to destination countries.


Our audits ensure your supplier has the required competence, compliance, and capability to meet your needs.

a) Quality Management System (QMS) Audits

We provide assessment of a manufacturer’s QMS and perform surveillance audits of their production processes. A QMS can be designed according to many different sets of requirements. If the QMS is certified, this means that a Certification Body (sometimes called a Registrar) has done an audit against the requirements of the QMS, and also holds ongoing routine audits of the system to ensure the QMS is maintained.

Regardless of the size and type of your organization, a QMS is an important way to demonstrate the coherence of your company’s processes. Increase the confidence of your customers by operating an active quality management system. Certification and auditing services will help you improve your company’s performance permanently with the aid of a quality management system.

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