QISJ inspection services
inspection of motor vehicles, machinery, and spare parts
Inspections Services
Our primary activity is in the area of inspection of goods and motor vehicles.
PVoC - Inspection of goods, Agricultural machinery/parts/equipment

We perform inspection for machinery, spare parts, and other equipment at the client's location (or location where goods are stored). Our inspectors will focus on marking, packing, product’s shelf life (where applicable) and visual product conformity for reconciliation with the test report. Testing is done against the applicable Kenya standard/approved specification In order to make a booking for inspection, we require the following documents:

  • Import Declaration Form (IDF) - which also contains a description of the goods
  • Proforma/commercial invoice
  • Copy of product technical specification from the manufacturer (if available)
  • QMS Certificates (if available)
  • Test reports, third party certificates/approvals/Certification marks (if available)

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Motor vehicle inspection

Our goal is to ensure that each vehicle is inspected to the highest standards under the guidance of professional management. Vehicle inspections are carried out in an inspection centre that is equipped with approved testing facility. We require the following documentation before we can issue a roadworthiness inspection certificate.

  • Vehicle's registration document (Massho / logbook / RC1)
  • Latest MOT certificate (U.K only)
  • Any other documentation such as service history (if available)
  • For South Africa contact us for a list of all documents required.

Note that vehicles exported to Kenya have to be less than 8 years from year of first registration. In addition, the difference between the year of manufacture (YoM) and the year of first registration should be not more than one year.

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