KS 1515:2019 施行に関するお知らせ

拝啓 時下ますますご盛栄のこととお慶び申し上げます。平素は格別なるご高配を賜り厚くお礼申し上げます。
KS 1515:2019施行に関するお知らせです。
詳細はケニア基準局KEBSのウェブサイト 「Public Notifications」 に掲載されている車両年式要件の通りです。


当内容は、2022年7月1日以降に輸出されるすべての車両は、KS 1515:2019と上記URLの要件に従うものとし、



Dear All Valued Customers,

This is an announcement regarding the implementation of KS 1515:2019 specifically the vehicle age requirement as published in the KEBS website Public Notifications which has now come in effect per the directive of the Kenya Bureau of Standards.

This is to inform all stakeholders that all vehicles as indicated in the standard and publication that is shipped from the origin as from July 1st of 2022 shall follow the Kenya standard requirement on Age Limits and shall not be allowed clearance if deemed to fall under the following criteria upon arrival in Kenya. In view of this, QISJ will discontinue inspection of the subject vehicles unless clients can provide evidence that the vehicles subject to this requirement shall be shipped before July 1.
Even if issued with a QISJ certificate, if shipped after the mentioned date, this will be rejected at point of entry in Kenya and all penalties and accountability shall be borne by the clients.
This is for your information and compliance.

Age Limit Requirements per KS1515:2019

• All USED passenger Minibuses, Midbuses, Large buses, Single articulated
and Bi-articulated buses and Double-decker buses shall not be allowed
for importation into the country. However, used passenger Microbus (up
to 7 m overall length) shall continue to be imported into the country
provided they are NOT older than Eight (8) years from the year of first

• All USED rigid Trucks with Gross Vehicle mass (GVM) equal to or greater
than 3.5 tons and up to and including 30 tons shall not be allowed for
importation into the country.

• Only tractor heads and Prime movers not older than three (3) years from
the year of first registration shall be allowed for importation. This shall
apply up to 30th June 2023 after which NO used tractor heads and prime
movers shall be allowed for importation into the country.

• All other USED Road vehicles not mentioned above shall continue to be
imported into the country provided that they are NOT older than eight
(8) years from the year of first registration.

• All imported new diesel-powered, and petrol (gasoline) powered vehicles
shall be type-approved to meet the requirements of EURO IV/4 before
importation into the country.

Thank you very much.